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Cross Roads Regional Center has developed specific skills over several years in the area of compensation for bodily injury.

We advise and assist victims of life accidents and their families so that they obtain fair compensation for all damages suffered, from the person responsible or his insurer or from a guarantee fund. 

Without the intervention of specialized professionals, the allocation of an appropriate repair is unfortunately illusory.

“An accident, even a minor one, necessarily brings about a change and often an upheaval in living conditions.

This upheaval will be better accepted and lived if the victim has the material and financial means allowing him to overcome the limitations and incapacities caused by the accident.

I aspire that each victim that I accompany can find a more serene life and to alleviate the difficulties caused by the accident (by the financing of a third person, the adaptation of the housing or the vehicle, the cost of specific care, compensation for loss of income…)” .  

The victim, being physically and psychologically affected, needs solid support from experienced people with whom she will nurture a relationship of trust.

Cross Roads Regional Center always strives to meet the people she advises.

“Maintaining a relationship of trust with your lawyer is a priority; this climate of trust will allow the victim to reveal himself and his counsel to better understand his daily or past difficulties so that they are all taken into account in the final compensation  ”. 

Our main advice to our potential clients:

  • request a detailed initial medical certificate from the establishment that received you immediately after the accident and keep it
  • keep all medical documents (consultation report, hospitalization report, medical prescriptions, etc.)
  • keep all the justifications relating to the costs incurred in connection with the accident (health costs, hospital costs, travel costs, accommodation adaptation costs, clothing costs, etc.)
  • in the event of work stoppage, keep the prescribed work stoppages and, failing that, request them from your attending physician, even in the absence of professional activity
  • have any proposed provision and a fortiori compensation validated by an experienced advisor
  • request the intervention of counsel as soon as possible; [add] indeed, the assistance of a personal injury professional makes it possible to obtain better compensation

In certain files and more particularly in the presence of a nosocomial infection, a therapeutic hazard or when the responsibility of a health professional or a health establishment is likely to be engaged: 

  • request a complete copy of the medical file from the health professionals or the establishment concerned by the medical accident (model request for a copy of the medical file)
  • be vigilant about sending letters to public health establishments (in particular Hospital Centers) insofar as certain requests may be considered as a prior claim for compensation which causes time limits to run pursuant to articles R421-1 et seq. of the Code of administrative justice