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Cross Roads Regional Center intervenes when you are the victim of an accident, that is to say a sudden and unexpected event which has harmful consequences.

There are multiple forms of accident that are likely to be compensated and more commonly:

  • road accidents (traffic accident suffered as a driver of a car, motorcycle, bicycle, passenger or pedestrian)
  • accidents of everyday life (fall in establishments open to the public, fall at home, DIY accident, gardening accident, etc.)
  • sports accidents 
  • accidents at work
  • medical accidents (nosocomial infections, therapeutic hazards, medical error, non-faulty medical accidents)
  • assaults

Cross Roads Regional Center also assists victims of accident or illness in their dealings with their provident insurer in order to obtain the allocation of daily allowances, an annuity, reimbursement of professional expenses, etc.

Indeed, a refusal of cover may be opposed by the insurance company, on the grounds that the insured does not meet the conditions for the compensation to be paid and it may be appropriate to seek the advice of a professional who may interpret the general and special conditions and determine whether this refusal was justified.

Cross Roads Regional Center assists you and represents you with the responsible third party, its insurance company or a guarantee fund, throughout the amicable negotiations or judicially in the event of failure of the negotiations or impossibility of amicable resolution, the interest and the will of the victim always being privileged.